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July 2015 - Enews

Greetings from the Flower Guy:

The weather: what a strange, strange trip it’s been! May was record dry and June was record wet. With those conditions, plants and gardens really suffer. I’ve had a number of inquiries on how to save/recover/revitalize garden plants, so in this issue, I’ve touched on summer care of roses, tomatoes, peppers and lawns.

In her column, Dot reviews some of the items we’re featuring the month, including rose bushes. Enough of the preview; let’s get started with the good stuff!

Dot’s Spot

Hi Everyone! I hope the start of summer has you enjoying the warm days, sun, and even the rain that is always needed (just not TOO much rain, please)!
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Now is the time to feed your tomatoes and peppers

By now you’ve planted your tomatoes and peppers! These homegrown veggies should be starting to flower — which means fruit isn’t far behind.
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Helping your lawn get through the summer

1. Water When the Rooster Crows - Water early in the morning to avoid evaporation loss. Start watering at the first signs of stress in the Spring.
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Double Your Roses by Feeding and Deadheading

Is there anything better than walking into your garden, smelling the heavenly scent of a rose and seeing a luscious rose bloom?
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